Four Simple Ways To Stay Calm While Planning a Wedding

“Marriage is not the end of love, as some might say. Instead, it is the beginning of an incredible journey.” Although Annette Thurman is true in her words, it seems this touching quote is but a thought you had before you were using your lunch break to run wedding errands and you became so overwhelmed you started wanting to trash your original plans all together. You need to breathe and try these four simple ways to stay calm while planning a wedding.

1.) Take it day by day: There’s only 24 hours in a day. No matter how inconvenient that sounds and no matter how much you want to change that, you have to work with it. You should have certain tasks per day to complete leading up to the wedding. Focus on those rather than trying to jump ahead. It’s more important to not skip meals and engage in your relationship than stressing out.

2.) Ask for help: Hiring a wedding planner is a great option; they know all the best vendors and make the appointments for you. Being able to just show up eliminates half of the stress and work right there. But say you don’t want a wedding planner, then get your maid of honor, family, and friends more involved by reaching out to them. If they are as thrilled about the big day as you are, they won’t mind taking on some tasks for you.

3.) Organize with checklists: Whether you have a wedding planner or you’re going solo, you need to keep track of everything to accomplish from day one up to the day of the wedding. Staying organized with a checklist will let you accomplish everything necessary in a timely fashion which releases unnecessary wedding stress as well.

4.) Take care of yourself: The picture perfect bride glows and reflects happiness on to those surrounding her. In other words, she’s not a mess. The last thing you want is to take your stress out on the people around you. Briefly referring back to number one, there’s only 24 hours in a day, and you need to make time every day for important things. You are important. Doing some light yoga, meditation, or reading a book in the bath every night will keep you relaxed.

Planning one of the biggest days of your life doesn’t have to mean losing your sanity. Just remember to take your time and make time for other things and everything will balance beautifully.

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