The Perfect Flowers for Secretaries’ Week

Secretaries’ Week, also known as Administrative Professionals’ Week, is the last full week of April. It culminates on that Wednesday. This year it is April 22. Believe it or not, this humble attempt to recognize the many contributions of the administrative professional goes all the way back to World War II. The war expanded the demand for administrative personnel (secretaries, for instance.) There was such an increase that people organized The National Secretaries Association to help them.

In 1952, the association organized the first Secretaries’ Week with the Department of Commerce and various manufacturers. It has been observed nationally ever since.

It is obvious why there needs to be an Administrative Professionals Week: They do all the jobs that keep the cogs of industry turning. They make the appointments, organize the paperwork, and screen the phone calls so everyone can focus on producing whatever it is that their company produces. Without them, team members spend all their time answering the same questions and hunting for important documents. So how might you observe this important tradition of acknowledging their work?

Orchids and roses make good impressions on your hard-working administrative professional. Particularly, dark pink roses convey gratitude, as well as peach colored flowers. Roses can perfume offices, and the smell alone can make the workforce happier.

Campanula, sometimes called bellflowers, are a nice way of saying thanks for all their hard work, too. They come in interesting bell, star or cup shapes. Their colors are generally blue, white or lavender and make nice backdrops in bouquets.

Hansen’s Flower Shop wants to help you acknowledge and thank your industrious administrative staff this year. We have all the right flowers to make them smile, so contact us and order your flowers today.

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