Spray Roses Are Versatile

Good things come in small packages.

You can say that when it comes to spray roses. Typically smaller than regular roses, spray roses grow in clusters. Although they’re not as showy and majestic as the single-stemmed roses, spray roses hold their own in the world of roses. They are very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. At Hansen’s Flower Shop and Greenhouse, we carry spray roses to cater to all your flower needs.

Spray roses make their impact from their clusters of flowers. Often, they’re in varying stages of flowering from small buds to wide-open flowers. Depending on its variety, spray roses come in singles, doubles or semi-doubles. Single refers to a single whorl of petals, usually between 4 to
8 petals, semi-doubles have 12 to 25 petals and doubles have 25 to 45 petals. In terms of petal count, they can be as dense as the regular roses. Because spray roses are dainty and come in a staggering variety of colors, they make invaluable cut flowers. Use them as accent flowers in any arrangement. Consider using them to fill up a bouquet, a nice addition and contrast to bigger flowers. They pair well with lisianthus, chrysanthemums, Gerber daisies, orchids, peonies or lilies. Or gather a few sprays together to form a captivating nosegay. Not only do they fill up spaces in an elegant way, they accentuate the other flowers in the arrangement. Not to mention the fragrance they exude as well.

Polka Dots & Posies

Many florists also use spray roses in corsages and boutonnieres. Because spray roses are lightweight, they are often used to build corsages and boutonnieres without adding a lot of weight. Whether it’s used to accent a single large flower or used in clusters, spray roses help to add layers, dimensions and interest. Imagine a large rose with a few spray rose buds to highlight its elegance or a few spray roses surrounding a succulent for that dare-to-be-different kind of look. Or pair them with an assortment of greens – mint, olive leaves, ferns, rosemary for that rustic look.

At the florists, spray roses come in pots as well. Often referred to as miniature roses or sweetheart roses, they make great gifts for any occasion. They can be planted in the ground after the flowers are gone, growing up to 3 feet. When you want a gift that keeps giving, consider these potted miniature roses.

For more information on spray roses, contact us. We know how to do spray roses, so these small packages of floral delights will make a big impact.

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